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Relationships Mastery Program

The sequenced 6 weekends

1. PAIRS First
November 9th & 10th 07  (Registration deadline: 11/03/07)
January 18th & 19th 08 (Registration deadline: 01/11/08)
February 8th & 9th 08 (Registration deadline: 02/01/08)
March 14th & 15th 08 (Registration deadline: 03/07/08)
April 4th &5th 08 (Registration deadline: 03/28/08)
May 9th &10th 08 (Registration deadline: 05/02/08)

2. 馠You Really Loved Me
Dates: to Be Announced

3. Lovers for Life; Best Practices of Sensuality and Sexuality Revealed
Dates: to Be Announced

4. Bonding: Secrets of Lasting Passionate Relationships
Dates: to Be Announced
5. Compatibility - Lovingly Managing Personality Differences
Dates: to Be Announced

6. The Wisdom of Relationship Mastery Program
Dates to Be Announced

Workshop schedule: Friday evenings: 6 PM to 9 PM, Saturdays: 9 AM to 5 PM
Location: To be announced upon registration
(Workshops will be held in Minneapolis area)
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