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What are Skilled Relationships Programs?

These seminars are the most comprehensive training of their kind available today and the most important investment a couple can make in their relationship. The seminars are based on the best of the internationally acclaimed P.A.I.R.S. (Practical Applications of Intimate Relationship Skills). This carefully sequenced 6-weekend program on emotions, behavior and attitudes, (particularly as they pertain to love, intimacy and sex) offers a complete experience that provides tools and skills to nurture intimate relationships.


Skilled Relationships Programs will help you develop interpersonal skills to:

  • Enhance your ability to create a joyful, fulfilling future with a partner.
  • Sustain a loving and healthy relationship.
  • Improve an unsatisfactory relationship, broken trust or lack of affection.
  • Discover the causes of disappointments, infidelity and boredom.
  • Avoid mistakes made in previous relationships; donít carry them overÖ
  • Negotiate differences: feel heard, respected and considered.
  • Assist others in their relationships if you are in a helping profession.


Attend Skilled Relationships Programs if you are:

  • Adults who care about intimate and long-term relationships.
  • Singles, who want to unravel the secrets of intimacy.
  • Engaged to be married, at any age.
  • Couples who are considering separation or emotionally separated.
  • Couples who have STARTED DIVORCE proceedings or even consider it.
  • Dual career marriages.
  • Individuals who are results-oriented in human relations
  • People in helping professions and/or manage others.